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If You Got the Money

How Beats Per Mile uses the JustGiving platform to show an up-to-date fundraising total using their PHP SDK.

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Keep On Running

How Beats Per Mile uses RunKeeper to retrieve and visualise live running data from an iPhone strapped to a marathon runner.


Gave it a Name

Introducing Beats Per Mile, the marathon project.

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Modern Running

Tracking a marathon race in real-time, GPS-locating a marathon runner, live fundraising updates, tweets and pictures all in one application.

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Better Half

Dual-booting Ubuntu and Windows and getting to grips with using Linux on the desktop full-time.


25 Minutes to Go

Investigating the Pomodoro Technique, a tasty lifehack promising to boost your productivity.

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Hip to Be Square

A bit about server-side image manipulation with PHP & GD, plus something to play with.

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At some point I seem to have forgotten I had a blog. Sorry about that.

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Jump a little lighter.