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Simple Things

Another example of a template server, this time Python-based, using the Flask framework and Jinja2 templates serving JSON data – simply a refactor of the Node-based Express version.

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Working with a simple Node.js development stack to build a simple data-driven template web application – using Mustache, the Express framework and a few handy tools along the way.

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One Note

Here’s a note on using the PyDev plug-in for Eclipse with our virtualenv set-up, configuring your Python Path within PyDev and running custom commands from the console — particularly for Django development.

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Here’s to Taking It Easy

How to set up multiple Python environments on Linux, using Virtualenv to handle isolated project and pip for package management.


Home Security

Lessons in user permissions and groups, enabling Apache VirtualHosts to server HTTP from within an encrypted home directory on Ubuntu.

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As Long as You Follow

Integrating Twitter into Beats Per Mile to send automatic progress updates, authenticating with OAuth and using the TwitterOAuth PHP library.

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Moving Pictures

How Instagram’s new API served images for Beats Per Mile, using real-time location data to find geotagged images nearby our runner.

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The Show Must Go On

How Beats Per Mile handles the music, initially attempting to use SoundCloud only to be thwarted by copyright infringement, ultimately to build a player from scratch just in time.

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