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Just a quick note, firstly to say that the Live from London Diggnation is now online, but also to congratulate two of my Bournemouth coursemates who’ve been deservedly recognised for their final major project efforts.

Arni Lochner has received a Top Talent Quality Seal from the Europrix Multimedia Top Talent Awards for his online interactive graphic novel The Eighth Day. The final nominations can be found here.

Secondly, Leo Lanksford has made it to the shortlisted final four in the Student category of the 2007 BIMA Awards with project Medialib, a portal for students to upload and share media they’ve produced in order to collaborate and discuss each others work.

Good Luck and well in.

Managed to get to ExCeL last night to see Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht’s first live Diggnation in the UK. Can’t say I’ve ever watched one but went along anyway and it was pretty good stuff, I’m now subscribed :)

I only caught one half of LFPUG this month, Jolyon Russ ‘Introduction to AS3: The First 5 Things You’ll Want to do With ActionScript 3, unfortunately missing Tink‘s Papervision3D Effects for Flex – he’s recently posted a promise to upload the source soon though.

I’ve recently found and registered with the London Flex User Group, who’ll next be meeting on October 10th – looking forward to it!

Update (10.10.07): Tink’s source files and a video of the presentation can be found here.

I went out for a ride and I never went back.