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Well, two.. actually.

Did some *amazing* acting for Gareth’s project on Sunday and a little filming when his acting efforts were required.

But in another collaboration I’m working with Barry Pace on his project Greens at Twenty After, a interactive short that explores a new format of film he has conceptualised.

He’s recently been to Cornwall to work with some recording artists for an original score for the piece. Tonight we were digitally captured the recordings from an old 4-track mixer that he can now send on to his sound engineer who’ll mix down the final audio for the film.

My main contribution though will be developing a platform for the project’s delivery. As important as the film itself are Barry’s ideas regarding the whole philosophy of platforms of interactive narrative, their commercial exploitability and success – this was in part the focus of his dissertation. Essentially he intends that more films could ultimately be created for a platform specific to interactive films such as his, that utilise high-speed bandwidth in a currently unexplored way.

My job then is to seemingly connect an offline application seamlessly to texts primarily stored online, unobtrusively, to blur the (present) very apparent boundaries between film, online texts, even games, creating the opportunity to enable a convergence of functionality and hopefully, success.

Windows are for cheaters, chimneys for the poor.