My name is Marc Hibbins.

I’m an interactive and digital media developer, I build Web applications and RIAs primarily with tools like Flash, Flex and AIR. I also develop dynamic, accessible and standards-compliant Web sites with XHTML, CSS, AJAX – the usual stuff you’d expect. I’m and open standards and data portability enthusiast.

I’m also an active researcher in the area of the Semantic Web. My thesis, ‘Online Intelligence, the Future and the Global Mind: Dreaming of a Semantic Web’ analysed its social, technical and conceptual basis.

Those are the kinds of things I write about here on my blog. I also tend to talk about new Web technologies, online trends, my own development issues, hopefully something you’ll find interesting.

I currently live and work in London, UK.

View my Delicious bookmarks – most things are about the Semantic Web, gathered as dissertation research, or other tech-related stuff.

I am also on FriendFeed, Twitter and Last.fm etc etc..


I get up in the evening and I ain’t got nothing to say.