At some point I seem to have forgotten I had a blog.

It’s handy when you get into a habit of blogging regularly, be it as I did documenting thoughts or ideas for my own reference or writing up the odd workshop or seminar report for anyone that may have miss it, or unravelling some epiphanic solution to some stumbled-upon (most likely programming) problem on the off-chance that someone else may one day search for the same answer.

Writing was, at that point, with a habitual ease but I guess I got into the habit of not doing those things – and as a result haven’t touched this blog since January of last year. Annoyingly, departing with an unwitting optimism in retrospect.

Anyway much has happened since that time, including a change of career path – I’m now working freelance full-time.

Also within that time I published a portfolio of work, from my time with various agencies and a period moonlighting before making the jump to fully-realised freelancing. Another effort far-too-long in coming finally achieved (insert some proverb about shoemaking) and you can see it here:

Comments welcome.

Activity with iheartplay has also picked up. We have a few new projects in motion and recently took a trip to Berlin for the superb Transmediale festival.

So far the projects go, I’m hoping those will supply most of the ammunition for getting back into the swing of writing here.

One of our technical objectives is to write and publish the code that we produce. A recent undertaking with a local urban farming initiative called FARM:london, may bring the first of those offerings in the form of an open source HTML5-based WordPress framework theme.

Though nothing ground-breaking technically, sentimentally it will stand as the first code-based output from the group. Initiating not only a philosophical accord but more practically a reusable application for other projects, whether they be ours or yours. It’ll actually be used for the redesign of this blog.

Oh and that’ll be released through GitHub, which I have no clue about – so there’s be a post, right there.

It’s an incentive for us all in taking on extracurricular work with iheartplay that we’re able to explore all opportunities to play with new technologies, platforms and people that our everyday jobs may not otherwise produce.

Recently I’ve been able to combine two personal loves of programming and distance running in a project which tracks the live location, pace, speed (and all the rest) of an iPhone-carrying athlete with a pretty nifty hack and a bespoke API layer written from scratch.

That’s something I’ve only had a few days to work on but already clocked up three new API and frameworks encounters that deserve a few paragraphs of diatribe.

So, reinvigorated with an passionate (none whatsoever trivial) outlook on blogging, building, the Web and the future, watch this space – or I’ll just see you again in a year.

Sorry about that.

But till then, tramps like us..