It’s been two weeks now since Flash on the Beach so I thought I’d collect all the links, slides, source code and videos from the various talks and demonstrations here in one place for ease of reference for whoever might need them.

I’ll try and keep this updated as and when I see more appear online, likewise if you see something I’ve missed – give me a shout!

I also thought I’d show off Artillery‘s excellent FOTB titles:

Day 0: Sunday 20th Sep 2009 (Workshops day)

Day 1: Monday 21st Sep 2009

  • Hillman Curtis (site) – Telling Stories
  • Joel Gethin Lewis (site) – Epiphany
    Lights On! in action

Day 2: Tuesday 22nd Sep 2009

  • Jeremy Thorp (site) – Hacking the Newsroom
  • Jennifer Shiman (site) – Using Flash for Your Cartoon and Comic Projects
  • Richard Lord (site) – Frameworks: The good, the bad, and the ugly
    View slides
  • Joel Baumann (site) – Numbers in Art
  • Paul Burnett (site) – More than Bending Pixels
    Source code and examples
  • Karsten Schmidt (site) – We make our own tools, and then they shape us.

Day 3: Wednesday 23rd Sep 2009

  • Andre Michelle (site) – Kling Klang
  • Serge Jespers (site) – The Flash Platform in a multi-screen world
  • Mark Doherty (site) – Contextual Application Development
  • Koen de Weggheleire (site) – PLAY with Vectors!
  • James Jarvis (site) – Live Drawing with James Jarvis
  • Jared Ficklin (Twitter) – Seeing Sound: Visualization in Nature & Code
    Source files
  • Ralph Hauwert (site) – Research Realtime graphics with Flash 10

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