Tonight’s LFPUG meets for a presentation on Adobe’s Alchemy project, followed by another hour on the Flash Pixel Bender plug-in.

In December I played around with Alchemy, going through the basic set up and few of the examples. But found it tough to go much further beyond there.

My C and C++ isn’t great, I think there were a few bugs and glitches in the software and I couldn’t get through them. More tutorials would have been good, I guess there could be more around now, I’ve been meaning to get back into it again.

The presentation tonight is from Thomas Vian, a Flash developer rather than a C developer – so I’m looking forward to the session.

So far there are 75 people registered to attend – not a bad number, hopefully he’ll cover more than just he basic tutorials and getting started setup that Adobe offer on their Labs page.

There’s also a ‘double feature’ on Adobe TV with Ryan Stewart talking to Scott Peterson about the project, there’s a demo after the interview. Good catch-up viewing:

And not to dismiss the Pixel Bender presentation, looking forward to that too!

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