I’m a regular attendee of the London Flash Platform User Group and the London Flex User Group and I get notified each time a new technology group is formed or arranges an event on Meetup.com. Anyway through that I recently heard about the London Web Standards group.

The London Web Standards group meet monthly to discuss topics like creating websites, web standards, the W3C, XHTML, CSS, DOM, ECMAScript, how they impact you, your organisation, your audience and your clients.

This month they meet to discuss Joshua Porter’s ‘Designing for the Social Web‘ (Amazon) which, not having read, I would usually have passed on if it were not for the group’s organiser, Jeff Van Campen, kindly giving me a free copy.

London Web Standards Book Drop Off by otrops

So hopefully I’ll be able to rattle through it before this month’s meeting on April 14th, see the event page is here.

You can also follow ‘webstandards’ on Twitter for notices, meetup dates and agendas. Look forward to it!

Maybe we ain’t that young anymore.