Another really cool thing Lee Brimelow spoke about at Flash Camp on Thursday was his London edition of the ‘Master Collection dead drop’.

As he did in Amsterdam and Boston before that, Lee hid a copy of Adobe CS4 Master Collection (worth almost £2,000) in an anonymous location in London and left a string of complicated clues and puzzles for anyone willing, to try and decrypt them.

London CS4 Master Collection dead drop

Yesterday Lee posted a video walkthrough, explaining how all the pieces fitted together. It’s quite complex – here’s how it went:

1. Lee posted an article explaining the dead drop had begun, hiding an unstyled link in the final full stop of the paragraph that this to this wav file.

2. As you might think, it wasn’t just noise – using an editor like Adobe Soundbooth you can see a spectral view of the file where Lee had written in a URL and ‘LEE FLASH’ into the sound levels using Adobe Audition.

Spectral view in Adobe Audition

3. At that URL, enter the username ‘LEE’ and the password ‘FLASH’ you’ll find GPS co-ordinates (51.508034630224635, -0.13934612274169922) and told to ‘Get a coffee and look out the window’ – and there are three form fields to fill in.

Looking out the window - Office To Let phone number

4. This location is a Starbucks in Picadilly, looking out the window you’d see an ‘Office to let’ sign – the phone number of which (020 7935 1653) goes in the above form.

5. That’ll give you a link to an AIF sound file, a flat tone. In spectral view isolate and remove that tone and amplify the very faint remains – Lee reading a link to an image file.


6. The image was of a bush, zooming in very closely with an image editor like Adobe Photoshop reveals some more GPS coordinates hidden amongst the grass (51.502250, -0.137883) – which is the actual location of this bush in St. James’s Park.

7. Inside that bush was an envelope with another URL and login credentials, which took you what looked like an Apache 403 error, but in fact was a SWF file.

8. When decompiled, this SWF file had an unused image in its library – a satellite image with more co-ordinates in St. James’s Park (51.50635, -0.142883) – the location of the software.

I thought this was brilliant!

The video going through all the clues on his blog is worth a watch – the best dead drop yet.

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