Managed to get to ExCeL last night to see Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht’s first live Diggnation in the UK. Can’t say I’ve ever watched one but went along anyway and it was pretty good stuff, I’m now subscribed :)

I only caught one half of LFPUG this month, Jolyon Russ ‘Introduction to AS3: The First 5 Things You’ll Want to do With ActionScript 3, unfortunately missing Tink‘s Papervision3D Effects for Flex – he’s recently posted a promise to upload the source soon though.

I’ve recently found and registered with the London Flex User Group, who’ll next be meeting on October 10th – looking forward to it!

Update (10.10.07): Tink’s source files and a video of the presentation can be found here.


  1. I hear from a reliable source that Tink’s Papervision in Flex malarky wasn’t so great anyway!

  2. Oh really? Do you have a link?
    Missed the raffle too :(

  3. Why I do believe it was at the Emak Mafu Labs blog, here.

    Maybe that’s why Russel is so angry, he didn’t win the raffle?

  4. The files and video of this presentation can be found at

    • Barry
    • Posted October 10, 2007 at 10:12 am
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    single ‘g’ huh? See what you did there…

    *taps feet alternately, really fast

  5. ha, good one Barry ;)

    Tim, your link is now broken – but there’s follow up posts here and here.

    Tink – thanks for the hook up on the vid and files.

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