With the iheartplay exhibition almost upon us things are beginning to get hectic again.

I’ve been asked to put together some viral games in Flash that we can host and bombard forums with to create a little extra buzz and get a bit more exposure.

Anyway, I’ve adapted some very simple classic arcade games, basically just substituting sprites with iheartplay logos and with a bit of restyling hopefully they’ll do the trick.

Some very buggy demos are online as follows:

Space Invaders:

iheartplay Arcade - Space Invaders



iheartplay Arcade - Pac-Man



iheartplay Arcade - Asteroids


A few more tweaks and they’ll go live on the iheartplay site, but feel free to have a go now and get yourself on the scoreboard – the more the better!

It seems everyone is putting together new online portfolios in preparation for the show, considering mine still claims my current project is design for small screens I think it’s time I sort one out too.

Tunnelling is almost done – *so* close to having it fully ready to roll, kind of a necessity :) Meanwhile I’m trying to get hold of some machines to run it locally at the show, that’ll hopefully be smoother too, as well as guaranteeing I can actually show something.

Congrats to those who got into the Computer Arts Graduate Showcase, good to see some Bournemouth Uni representation – well, Bournemouth, at least.

Also: New Header Alert! It’s actually Talkboards related now. The previous showed Alan Reed’s ‘City Poem’, which was part of the Public Pages project.

Chrome wheeled, fuel injected.