Spent the past day and a bit putting together the web interface for Talkboards.

It’s purposely very blank, with the intention that the attention is only really ever on the Flash elements. More than that, the Flash itself begins completely blank and it’s the user group’s task of building and colouring their own interface, so the minimal web design I hope conveys this further more, that it’s only when the user enters their own environment do they feel they’ve truly ‘arrived’.

The problem is there may actually be quite a bit more interaction with the HTML-only/non-Flash parts of the site than I first expected. There’s obviously unavoidable processes – registering accounts, logging in, browsing for boards to then enter etc – but it seems that by being so blank and essentially text-only, it may not be so much of an engaging experience as could be possible, or I would like, before initiating the Flash environments.

Anyway, have a look:

Talkboards. Web Design - Screen 01 Talkboards. Web Design - Screen 03 Talkboards. Web Design - Screen 02

Comments appreciated.

I’ve also got a session-based CSS selector which I’m not sure whether to implement in the final version or not. Basically the blue-coloured parts could be changed to other major colours used in the Flash elements, again, so show that the web-end really isn’t what the project is about and if anything, what it is about, is individuality and customisation – i.e. the ultimate conveyance of the Flash parts – and with these CSS choices it’s demonstrating it’s possible in the HTML too, that at least this bit is trying it’s best.

In other news, a while ago I submitted my project for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards, today I got an e-mail through saying it’s made it into the semi-final stages of the competition. There’s 62 entries left, so I’m not too sure if it’s ‘made it through’ to the semi-finals or these are just all the entries that have been submitted in total.

Hopefully it’ll be well received.

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