Gareth’s problem is sorted.

My last post shelled out the issues we were having with calling functions local to Director from embedded .swf cast members using Actionscript. With much trial and error attaching Lingo to various places within the .dir file – to the .swf cast member on the stage, the stage itself, the frame etc. – the problem actually seemed to be with the type of script handling the functions.

My Lingo lingo isn’t perfect so excuse any wrong terms in this explanation but essentially it seems assigning scripts to those mentioned places are then attached sprite behaviours, determining self-contained intrinsic actions. I got the function calling to work by storing very basic actions in a stand-alone cast member, unattached to stage, frame, .swf etc. The cast then recognises this as a movie script – obviously there’s some difference in the way Director executes them, but it seems to do the trick either way.

Gareth is pretty pleased with the results, I’ve left him with finding the equivalent method of sending asset-specific parameters to the functions to interpret them in different ways. This means Director can store sets of functions by class – sets for handling button, people, variables, movies and so on, hopefully condensing the amount of code transferring both ways and being ultimately performed at runtime.

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  1. nice reference. i thankyou

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