Seems even though I’d planned not to start a production blog until I’d finished the dissertation, I’ve spent the past week celebrating the hand-in and clearly not even got around to registering yet.

So here it is. Monday 2nd April 2007, Stardate -315749.1 apparently.

The project is kind hard to explain, it’s basically collective community-defined chat spaces, but unlike chat rooms and message boards everything is non-linear, the structure and the interface are totally different to the conventional methods. It’s a bit concepty so it’s not like strictly a communication ‘tool’, it’s a bit of fun – it’s not going to make anyone redundant any time soon.

About 6 o’clock this morning was the deadline for the Rhizome Commissions Project which I just about managed to meet, here’s a shiny excerpt – the working title seems to be Talkboards:

Talkboards are community-defined and administrated spaces creating interactive, collaborative art formed on users’ online communication.

Built on subverting the accepted ideas and structures of ‘traditional’ communication platforms, Talkboards converge features native to chat rooms, message boards and instant messengers, borrowing existing, familiar and already successful functionality, to find innovation with an entirely original and highly interactive interface. Talkboards challenge the essential form vs. function argument in a place where it’s completely unexpected.

Full version here.

Most of it is superfluous spiel, but its 500 words explaining it a bit better and there are a couple of screens on there too. There’s a very basic prototype as well, I’ve got far better versions I used for my Minor presentation that I’ll get up here later.

Four weeks to go I believe, guess it all begins today.

We can run with our arms open before the tide.